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"Your e-Service Technology Provider"


We assist our clients in protecting their current IT investments, while offering a roadmap through migration using proven enterprise migration and integration methodologies.   Our services and support can bring valuable assistance and expertise to your computing environment. 



General Services:

Offer a thorough evaluation of IT configurations and other factors that affect system availability and recovery.

  • Help clients better understand the strengths, weaknesses and risks in their IT infrastructure.

  • Help clients invest their IT dollars in line with their goals of growth and availability.

  • Increase IT service availability and reliability.

  • Identify improvements that can be made to reduce problems and enhance key operations.

  • Provide training and tutoring for new technologies  Provide invaluable input to your budget planning process.

  • Proactively research opportunities for grants and other strategic advantages e.g. Cable in the Classroom and free internet services.



Hardware/Software Services and Support:


  • Maintain and manage network infrastructures Single point of contact with Internet Service Providers (e.g. SBC, Merit Networks)

  • Provide network/server setup documentation.

  • Provide network/server and PCs performance tuning.

  • Address concerns with Internet security and implement solutions.

  • Identify problems or lag time for new technology changes.

  • Provide backup/recovery solutions.

  • Hardware/Software inventory management and controls.

  • Hardware preventative maintenance program.

  • Windows 200x Server or Windows NT administration services and support.

  • Web-Site design services.

  • Microsoft Exchange E-Mail services and support.

  • Virus Protection services.

  • Video and Cable services and support.

  • Hardware/Software configuration and upgrades.

  • 24/7 support to ensure system up-time




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